A Sewing and Fashion DIY

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A Sewing and Fashion DIY

Fashionable Activewear-Who say’s activewear is boring?

Fashionable Activewear-Who say’s activewear is boring?


I loved making this McCall Pattern M7482. The patterns feature that was appealing to me was it’s fitted jacket and that asymmetrical zipper. I chose to do the hood less version as I felt the hood was too big, plus I really liked the look of the collar piece. The contrasting options were also appealing. I picked out the black crisscross sheer fabric known as performance bonded mesh first from JoAnn Fabrics and then looked for complimentary fabric. I really wanted something that popped and my local JoAnn’s didn’t have that many options. So I trekked it to another JoAnn’s and found some great options. They actually have a nice activewear line of fabric and are quickly adding more choices.

A sewing blogger that participates in my instagram sewalong #sewyourview mentioned using red. As you may not know that is one of my favorite colors as well as black, however I didn’t want to go to the obvious right away, but sometimes you just have to go with what you know.

I took this pictures in Dallas at White Rock Lake. It was so cold and fiercely windy that day, however the fabric kept me warm.

I plan on making an all black and sheer version as well as black and white.  You should definitely try this pattern.



I didn’t really think I was making a modification. Before laying out my pattern pieces I sketched what color combo I wanted to achieve. I new I wanted red as the dominate feature and black as detail and the sheer on the leg panels as well as on one of the sleeves. While laying out my pattern I didn’t look at the directions on the pattern calling for you to cut some pieces on the right sides. Hence, why my zipper is on the opposite side of the pattern. It was a delighted mistake and I love how it came out. Moral of the story is sometimes you go with your gut and not what is written in stone.





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