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A Sewing and Fashion DIY

Royal Wedding Sew Along for Vogue 9292

Royal Wedding Sew Along for Vogue 9292

Hi Slayers!

I love a wedding as most people as I am an event planner have planned a few weddings in my time. I enjoy all of the pomp and circumstance that goes into the planning but the best part is dress of shopping. What other wedding is highly anticipated then the one Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

When Meg, from the McCall Pattern Company reached out to me to fill in for Lori due to a personal family emergency, I said yes immediately One because I wanted to help out and two because I was already planning on sewing or doing one of my monthly #sewyourview sew along as a Royal wedding edition.  So this was perfect timing if there is such a thing in the sewing world.

I chose Vogue Pattern V9292. This is great pattern for all types of sewers. Its a close fitting dress that has princess seams, a back zipper, length variations, and dickey that attaches to dress with snaps.

Here is a better look at the pattern in one of my favorite colors.


I also, love the fact that this model below is modeling the dress in Ankara African Wax Print (Dutch Wax) Print fabric. Hmmm…. could I where an Ankara print to the wedding? In Ghana, West Africa where I am from when attending weddings and special functions you wear traditional Kente fabrics. I actually wore some for my traditional engagement in Ghana. I think I may have to look at some options if I go that route. Sometimes you will find prints for different occasions, even with a pictures of the royal couple on it. I have one that I wore to a funeral of a chief in Ghana and his face was printed on all of the cloths. Everyone, I mean everyone had to wear it.  The term for that is usually called Aso Ebi which means uniform.



Here is a better look at the princess seams and how they will work in construction of the dress. I think this dress is great for all body shapes and with the princess seams you are able to adjust to your body if need be.

Join In!

Remember to use the hashtag #royalweddingsewalong follow the McCall’s blog here and join me on Facebook to learn more.


I love fabric, and when selecting fabric for my makes I like for the fabric to speak to me.  I really love the red color silk fabric the model is wearing above. I can see the dress in a pretty blush, cream, floral and even Ankara.

Here are a few fabric choices, that I am thinking about in my head. The last two are Ankara prints that I think will go well. I have some though choices and have to make them soon! Keep posted to see what I choose.










6 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Sew Along for Vogue 9292”

  • Hi Monica, of course you can wear your traditional gear at the Royal wedding. All of the heads of states will be wearing their traditional outfits. I’ll be wearing mine!

    • Hi Susan, I so agree! I am trying to decide now on the best fabric choice. I can’t wait to see what you wear.

  • I love the lines of this pattern AND I just got some gorgeous african wax print fabric that would be perfect for it. I’m excited to watch this sew-along!!

    • Yayyy!! Can’t wait to see what you create. I am finalizing my fabric options now and looking for the perfect one.

  • So excited that I stumbled across this Sew along! Going to get my pattern soon and I’ll be going the African fabric route as well! 😀

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