A Sewing and Fashion DIY

A Sewing and Fashion DIY



Hi ladies!! It’s the 2nd week of the sew-along and its time for muslin.  I decided to purchase some cotton muslin from Joann Fabric to work on the dress.

First I must say that this is very easy pattern to sew. The directions are clear and concise. I used my  washable markers for the markings which is what you see on the fabric, as I typically do. While I was making the dress and trying it on for fit, I thought I needed to adjust the length in the back to adjust for my rear so that all over the dress would be even, however it wasn’t needed.

The only things I would change in making this pattern would be to add an invisible zipper. I think it would give it a cleaner finish, and I personally like invisible zippers. I may even add a full lining instead of the facing, depending the final fabric selection, as I don’t want the facing to show. I cut for the 18, however I will need to take it in at a few areas.  I was able to pull it over my head without having to use the zipper, so I know it will need to be taken in just a bit. I always cut bigger than my size to work on fit when working with princess seams.


In these pictures you can see that I did not use the panel in the front as a personal choice, however I will adjust the bust area and close it a bit. I like a little cleavage. …. just sometimes :).


Here is a pic of me pinning the bust area closed on the front. I will modify that area and then take in where needed.  I do need to take in a bit on the back and yes, I have on a fastener…hey its the Royal wedding…LOL












Lastly, I will also modify the length. I am 5ft tall, yes, I know I don’t look that short in my pictures….but yes I am a shorty doo wop! I digress back to the lengths, view B was too long for my frame, however I would like for view A to come in right above my calf.

Stay tuned next week for more post about fitting and modifications that I have done. How are you coming along?


xoxo Monica


    • Yay Nikki! Can’t wait to see how yours comes out. Honestly, it is a quick and easy pattern to sew. Make sure to keep me posted.

  • Hi Monica
    just wanted to say your muslin mock up looks great! I tend to avoid patterns with the panels because I can never seem to sew straight.
    You have inspired me to take the time and try it.
    Looks Fantastic!
    Oma Liptak 💕

    • Hi Oma! Thank you, it was my first muslin and I don’t particularly wear white because I get it dirty. Yes, sewing straight can be hard and at times I have to start over because I didn’t sew straight. But practice makes perfect. Keep it up..I know you can do it!! xoxo <3 Monica

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