A Sewing and Fashion DIY

A Sewing and Fashion DIY

Royal Wedding Sew-Along Time to construct

Royal Wedding Sew-Along Time to construct

Hi Slayers, we skipped a week but now I am all caught up. My fabric finally arrived, and I am so thrilled! Here is a look at what I ended up going with.

I wanted to get the fabric from Ghana however, I wasn’t going to have enough time to receive it, so I ordered from an etsy shop that is popular with a lot of the other sewers/designers that I follow. I decided to go with the black base because I wanted something that I could wear for the evening and get more wears.

I’ll be honest, this was the first time I was working with this print fabric and didn’t realize that the floral print is only down the center and doesn’t mirror when folded like other Ankara typically does. But this is a challenge and I am always down for one.

I decided to take apart my muslin to use a place holder to figure out the pattern. I started with the pattern pieces but my mind wouldn’t let me think of the placement right.

After doing that I thought I had it, but still needed to see it out fully just to make sure. At first I wanted more of the black down the center and realized that I didn’t like that placement.  I then decided to use my mind instead of working harder and wasting another 2 hours trying to figure this out, I paired the sketched pattern on top to get a final look at what I needed to do.

Of course it was what I thought initially and what I didn’t want to do. I will have to place the pieces on each of the flowers, which in turn may waste the fabric in my opinion, but it will get the best results.


Here is what my computer mock up looks like.






Looking at it this way will help me plan it out better and figure where I need to place the pattern pieces. Sometimes you have to see things in a different way to get it right.

I plan to cut this week and begin the construction of the dress. How are you coming along with your dress?




4 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Sew-Along Time to construct”

  • For a large pattern like this I would roughly trace the flowers on paper pattern pieces (and maybe even colour them with crayons (again, roughly) to get an idea of the negative spaces, as when working with a black background this can be a challenge. Good luck and I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous!

    • OMG Cath,

      Thank you so much for your suggestion. I did just that, however when I went to cut it I had a challenge. But in the end I think it will work out.

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