A Sewing and Fashion DIY

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A Sewing and Fashion DIY

Spring has Sprung and I am so here for the flowers!

Spring has Sprung and I am so here for the flowers!


Hi Slayers! Spring has sprung … at least for me it has, and I am ready!!  This McCall Pattern #M7723 was one of my favorite makes thi year. It is very clear if you don’t know this by now…. I love sleeves, sleeves and more sleeves! Actually, the bigger the better!!!

I was inspired by a look I saw on a instagrammer that I loved. I think I nailed this #sewthelook with my flavor of course! What do you think?

She was wearing blush paper bag pants and a sheer top with blush undertones. I love red and want to create more looks for my upcoming Sorority programs.


I created this look using organza and flower patches I got here. This was the first time I was sewing with organza and decided to make this a wearable muslin so I could work out any fit or stitching issues while I wear it.  I want my garments to last, where I can pass them down to my daughter and when she has kids her kids. So with that I am always looking to work harder in finding ways to perfect my sewing craft.


The Pattern is an easy sew for beginners and also a great staple piece for any wardrobe.  I did view B with no flounce with view A neckline. I did not use the facings as the blouse is sheer and I didn’t want them to show. I used bias tape for the neck band and a ribbon for the hem.



xoxo, Monica

12 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung and I am so here for the flowers!”

  • You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your take on this pattern and would never have thought to use organza. It is captivatingly stunning. Vintage glamour kissed with black girl magic!!! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your makes in the future.

    • Thank you so much Angel!!! Black girl magic everyday!!! It is awesome to see how my brain works and when I am truly inspired I let it rip.

    • Hi Anna!! Thank you, and yes, I applied them last. In terms of placement I wore the blouse and marked on it where I wanted the appliques to fall. For the next one that I am making, I plan to put them on as I sew as well as after as some were over the seam.

  • It’s a stunning statement piece Monica, I am sure your daughter would love to wear it someday and hand it down to her own daughters. Love!

  • Very beautiful!!!! You go girl! I love that you said you are always striving to perfect your craft. That is what we should all strive for when you are walking in your purpose. I am enjoying seeing your garments and your blog.

    • Thank you Mrs. Chi!! It is important that we continue to push ourselves everyday!!! Looking forward to seeing your many garments!

    • Thank you Amber (sis)!! I am hoping to do more and expand on the many ideas I have spoken to you about. Thanks for the support!

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